Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Final Year Project..
I can feel the pressure now.
Sedikit demi sedikit menusuk..
How i'm going to get the data for my research.
What if the data that i search for is under company policy? 
The company still didn't reply me..
Is it possible for me to carry the topic?
How i'm going to proceed with my fyp?
Do i need to change the topic?
Is it not too late for me to do so?
Is the problem will be the same if i change the topic?
What is going wrong now?
Dr Nurain.....tolong saya.!!  :'(

Risau segala benda.
Bukan ke kerisauan itu mematangkan?
oh eh?


  1. Thanks zuwie.
    Research Proposal is getting complete.
    May Allah ease our journey to grad..:)